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Marc Quinn

NATURENOW. Thanks to the Insects (Lotus)

NATURENOW. Thanks to the Insects (Lotus)


110 x 50,9 cm

LITO HI-RND© print on aludibond, crushed car glass, framed.

Edition of 35

Signed and numbered on the back


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The NATURENOW series filters nature through a digital lens. Each piece begins as a screenshot on Quinn’s iPhone which is then enlarged and pigment-printed on canvas before being overpainted and coated with shattered car windscreen glass. The collision suggested by the glass asks us what separates the virtual world of the screen from the ‘real’ world of the plants it depicts, when the boundary between the two is increasingly breaking down. The scale amplifies the question, confronting the viewer with the extent to which their relationship with the natural world is digitally mediated.


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Flower Series

This series of flower paintings subverts one of the oldest forms of picture making: the still-life. To create these hyper-realist oil paintings, Quinn creates a still-life arrangement in his studio using flowers and fruit bought in London on a particular day. Since most of the flowers and fruit in these compositions would never bloom at the same time, or even be found together in the natural world, they show us the way in which human desire has created new seasons - bringing together in one geographical location things that nature would not assemble. Quinn photographs the arrangements, which are sometimes set amid a snowy ground or volcanic sand, and then makes oil paintings based on the photographs. The paintings depict a frozen moment of 'unnatural' time. Often large in scale and dramatically coloured, their beauty belies a sinister subtext: the relentless human desire to control nature. Titled after freaks of ecology the works offer up a corrupt beauty that suggests our possible future.