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Marc Quinn

Labyrinth Monoprint

Labyrinth Monoprint


Print size: 1460 x 1200 mm


Embossed woodcut print with oil paint

Signed by the artist

Unframed - please get in touch to discuss framing options


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Labyrinth Series

These works reflect the idea of a super-surveillance culture, where individual identity is reduced to and controlled by a fingerprint. As Quinn has commented, “we (have) become encoded into a unique abstraction which is also profoundly figurative”. The Labyrinth series of paintings and sculptures use the ready-made, abstract pattern of a person's fingerprint, enlarged and painted onto oval shaped canvases or cast into bronze relief sculptures. The key to our identity, the patterns look abstract but they are in fact totally unique. As with his earlier DNA works, Quinn is interested in the idea of making portraits of people that are more than just an image of them - here an actual visual index of their identity.