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Marc Quinn

Untitled (The Eye of History)

Untitled (The Eye of History)


Print dims: 1120 x 1120 mm

Pigment print with oil paint


Signed and dated by the artist

Unframed - please get in touch to discuss framing options


Please inquire here


Marc Quinn refers to the eyes as "the doors of perception, the portal between inner and outer, and the link between us and the world".  The iris paintings are about individuality, irises are as singular as fingerprints.

"They are also one of the few external parts of the body which are highly coloured, or more correctly they are the only internal organ you can see from the outside, and the only one which has the strong vivid colours of the inside of the body, the strong reds, blues, greens, yellows and oranges.  They are a leakage of the vivid interior world of the body to the monochrome world of the skin." 


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